About Kyrt

We are a joint venture from Belgium and The Netherlands. It all started with a tweet in early 2020 amidst the COVID lockdown:

Pieter and Sven are part of the backend development team at UNISOT and participated at the CambrianSV bootcamp in Portugal in 2019.

Niels has 8+ years of experience in technology and has a background education in user experience design and technical marketing. He previously worked for Google, HEMA, Achmea, Allianz and MAN Truck & Bus.

The main reason for starting Kyrt was building world's first cloud-based WORM storage solution. But for the BSV Hackathon 2020 our initial product is to build an API hub between Bitcoin and the 2000+ most used apps on the internet today.


Niels van den Bergh

Design & Marketing


Pieter Den Dooven



Sven de Waerhert



Kyrt empowers a data commodity market

The Mission

Individuals and organisations currently store all their personal and sensitive information with trusted third parties. This is perceived as a necessary trade-off for receiving the best service and usability.

A new type of storage medium has entered the market that has a smokescreen of misinformation around it, blocking market participants to properly adopt it.

Kyrt was designed to to address this gap, allowing anyone - not only developers - to integrate the blockchain with all third party data siloes you can access.

We provide the tools for entrepreneurs and organisations to build solutions around data ownership and micropayments. Our initial product is an API hub integrating 2000+ apps with the blockchain.

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Kyrt is a data platform that makes microtransactions and data ownership accessible for all.
A BSV Hackathon 2020 Project